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Beware of bodily fluids!

Ok…an email advertising a new product was just sent to my  email box that truly is ridiculous.  This is insane. Are you ready for it?  It is a pee-pee teepee.  You cover your baby boy’s penis with it while changing his diaper and yes, it is decorated and looks very much like a real teepee.

First, how is not incredibly insulting to Native Americans?

And second, someone please explain to me why a mother can’t get through a diaper change without experiencing the risk of being peed on.  I feel well versed in this area. I have two boys.  I have changed them countless times.  Have I been peed on? Yes. Did I survive? Yes. Was it slight inconvenient? Yes, but then again so is most of parenthood. If we don’t want to be inconvenienced, we shouldn’t have children.

Why can’t these companies spend some time inventing things that are actually helpful and not just frivilous, like an infant carseat that doesn’t weigh 1,000 pounds or a disposable diaper that biodegrates naturally while fertilizing your garden.  Am I asking too much here?