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Stealth Fruit/Veggie Recipes

This morning I made the MOST delicious french toast and it was healthy!! I quietly stirred pumpkin puree into the egg batter before dipping in the toast. I added a hint of cinnamon, dipped in the toast, cooked it and VOILA! It had a wonderful warm wintery flavor and the kids munched it right down. Never even knew that pumpkin was there.
I followed this up at lunch with pancake mix blended with a winter squash/apple/banana puree. I happened to have pieces of each handy, so blended them together after steaming the squash just a bit. I then blended them and beat them into the pancake batter and added a touch of honey. I made silver dollar size for little hands and mouths. I served them with a bit of honey for dipping too. These were so good. Coko, who doesn’t eat anything but peas and noodles and grilled cheese ate 5! I even ate some. The squash gives them a really smooth texture and the banana a touch of sweetness. LOVED IT! Give it a try!