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I don’t know what it is like in your house, but the clothes in my kid’s drawers are always a mess. They root through there every morning trying to find that “perfect” shirt.

I got to the point a few weeks ago that I just couldn’t handle all the mess. The clothes I attempt to keep nice were all mixed in with the play clothes and most of the time everything just ended up on the floor.

Then I came up with a great idea….a play clothes box.  I put the soft sided box in their closet and told them that each morning, unless otherwise informed, they could pick out whatever they wanted to wear from the box.  Elijah’s and Coko’s shirts both went into the box.

Honestly, I could care less if Coko wears a Bob the Builder shirt of Eljah feels like wearing a pink rainbow lollipop. I just want them dressed in play clothes and ready for the day.

So now they have the freedom to root through the clothes (nothing has to be folded because it is all play clothes) and pick out whatever they want. It has made our morning SO much smoother!