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How Many is too Many?

In 2007 a Gallup poll was done asking individuals how many children they felt constituted the ideal family. The answer was and has been for a long time 2.5.
It has held steady there, fluctuating very little since 1974. Before the early seventies the ideal size was right around 3.3.
What has changed? Mostly I think it is having both parents at work. It is expensive to send kids to daycare and it is extremely difficult to work full time and come home and take care of children. It is no wonder that people are shying away from larger families.
My husband had seven in his family. I was an only child and currently we have three -1, 3 and 5 years old.
I didn’t think I wanted more, but now I am starting to wonder and as I start to wonder I ask myself, is this socially responsible? How is the world going to look in 20 or 30 years? Am I draining too many resources from the world? Is this the right thing to do?
My heart says yes, but my mind has A LOT of questions.