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I might just Flip!

I have used cloth diapers on and off over the years. My son, who is now 5 had them for most of his diapering life.  Then when our daughter came along, my husband and I gave them the axe. We just felt overwhelmed with two babies and cloth diapers.  Not to mention we were living in a tiny NYC apartment.

When our third baby came along, I didn’t even attempt it. But now…..we have been trying to “green”our family a bit and I have just discovered Flip diapers. I ordered a set for $50 last night. In the box set you receive 2 diaper covers and 6 inserts. Definitely enough to get you started.  And what is even better, if you order from diaperjunction you can give them a 30 day trial run and if you don’t like them you can return the for a full refund. Whether you are an experienced cloth diaper user or a newbie, this is a great deal.

I have always loved the idea of cloth diapering and have always wanted to do it, but often found it cumbersome and time consuming.  I am hoping that these new Flips solve those problems. In our fast, paced 21st century world, unfortunately, there is not time for the inconvience that most cloth diapers impose.  It is truly unfortunate because I think the beautiful handmade wool covers, in an ideal world, would be stables in all homes and women would gather to help each other do the laundry, folding diapers, sewing new covers and talking about their families.  Sadly, those days are gone…or perhaps they only existed in our imaginations. I’m not sure.  I just hope that these news diapers help our family lead a little gentler life, a little greener existence and ultimately lead to a happier world. Happy diapering!