About our Family

We live on the west coast of Florida and enjoy all the beauty of the sea every day. We try to live a natural life and I am always searching for new inspiration whether it be in the faces and delight of my children and husband or another’s  blog.

I am 28 years old, an artist, a photographer, a homemaker, a chef, a baby maker, writer and a bit of a wanderer.

Elijah is 5 years old. He is our oldest. He is very imaginative and very precise in everything he does.

Coko is 3 and is both spicy and sweet.  She is an extremely verbal, vivacious, emotional, caring, screaming, kissing, pleasant, quiet, opinionated, person. I call her “My Missy Sue.”

Jude is our youngest. He is 1. He is jolly, but emotional and a very, very beautiful baby.

Michael is my husband and fills our family with depth, emotion and spiritual understanding that I have yet to find in anyone else I have ever met.


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