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SCORE! For Deceptive Mama

Jessica Seinfeld, wife of Jerry Seinfeld, is one deceptive mama. In her cookbook Deceptively Delicious, Jessica shares many a fantastic recipe for how to work those all important veggies into breakfast,lunch, dinner and even dessert without the kiddos ever knowing it.
I had heard about this book some time ago, but thought it sounded bogus. Since I had tried similar stealth veggie war tactics in my home before with no avail, I assumed her recipes would not work either. But man, she whipped me! He recipes rock and work and REALLY are delicious. I even eat them. They are healthy and most are pretty easy.
The last post I did about the french toast and the pancakes are ideas that came from her cookbook. I HIGHLY recommend checking this cookbook out if you have a picky eater (or two or three) in the house.

PS. This works on husbands too!