Is that your mailman or your librarian?

Well it is now possible to rent books over the internet. It is like the library and Netflix exploded on one site! It is called Bookswim and it allows you to borrow books, as many as you want for as long as you want, for $9.95 a month.

Now, I love taking my kids to the library and this won’t stop me from doing that, but I NEVER get to stop and browse at books. My arms are usually loaded down with books, puzzles, at least one kid and a diaper bag.  This might be the perfect opportunity for mama to get to have a library book.

And you also have to consider that, if you are anything like our family, the late or lost fees tend add up.  I consider myself reasonably organized, but too often we have checked out too many books and can’t keep track of them or left one behind in a restaurant or the baby rips one to shreds.  So when you take that into consideration……$9.95/month doesn’t look too bad.

On the other hand, libraries are beautiful, wonderful institutions that keep us connected to our communities and they need our support. I  would hate to see that undermined.

Is there room in this world for both? I’ m not sure. I do know that story hour is on Tuesdays at our library and there is a magic tree puppet house my kids wouldn’t miss for the world.  I know we’ll be there overdue books and all, but mama may be sneaking  a peek at Bookswim after the kiddos are in bed.


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  5orangepotatoes wrote @

LOVE THIS! Thanks for sharing this link. I had no idea.

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